DevSecOps automation platform BoostSecurity emerges from stealth

DevSecOps automation platform BoostSecurity emerges from stealth

BoostSecurity, a developer-first DevSecOps automation platform, has secured $12m for its seed round, as it emerges from stealth.

Making DevSecOps an Automated Reality

Check out the webinar to learn how we are making DevSecOps a reality by eliminating the security silo and moving everyone into a shared pipeline, a shared framework, and pushing to production in a rapid way.

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Overview of DevSecOps | What is DevSecOps | DevSecOps : What, Why and How | Infosectrain

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Agenda of the Session
• Evolution of Application Security till DevSecOPs
• What is DevSecOps (or alike terms – Sec DevOps, Secure SDLC)
• DevSecOps Tracks
• DevSecOps Pre-requisites
• DevSecOps Culture Change
• DevSecOps Triage, Process
• DevSecOps Road Ahead

00:00 Introduction
05:30 Security Evolution
08:30 Application Security Evolution
12:50 Owasp Top 10
30:00 Software Development Evolution
34:10 Evolution
36:05 DevSecops
37:45 Application Attack Surface
51:40 DevSecops Maturity Model – Tracks
01:29:05 Track -1
01:45:10 Track -2
01:58:50 DevSecops Maturity Model : Level -2
01:59:25 Track 3
02:16:22 Track -4
02:37:15 Track -5
02:51:10 Track -6
03:13:55 Track -7
03:30:15 Track -8
04:09:30 DevSecOps – Good to Have Pre Requisites
04:11:40 DevSecOps – Key Stakeholders
04:13:38 DevSecOps – Key Processes
04:26:25 DevSecOps – Road Map

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This is Your Guide to DevSecOps Automation

We’ll dive into the topic of DevSecOps automation.

0:00 Introduction to automating DevSecOps
0:42 What is DevSecOps?
1:30 What are the principles for DevSecOps automation?
7:27 Subscribe to the Crashtest Security Channel for more information

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