Private AI to better protect PII with its Series A

Private AI to better protect PII with its Series A

Private AI, which leverages AI to better protect personally identifiable information (PII), has secured $8m for its Series A round.

Privacy Preserving AI – Andrew Trask, OpenMined

Learn the basics of secure and private AI techniques, including federated learning and secure multi-party computation. In this talk, Andrew Trask of OpenMined highlights the importance of privacy preserving machine learning, and how to use privacy-focused tools like PySyft.

Privacy meets AI (Open Ethics Series, S01E01)

On the first event on June 23, Privacy meets AI (Open Ethics Series, S01E01), we talked about aspects of data privacy in AI.

Agenda S01E01
* What’s important in GDPR’s Article 22 on automated decision-making?
* Why human-in-the-loop (HITL) computing is the future of machine learning?
* What is homomorphic encryption and why does it matter for AI privacy?
* What is automated PII Detection and what are the paths to data anonymization?

The resources for this event, such as articles and PDFs are published in Open Ethics discord channel

Other Events of the series will be available on Open Ethics Eventbrite website

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How to protect PII and share securely

Caio and Chris chat about the importance of security, the security threats organizations face today, and how MarkLogic makes securing your data simple. Caio will demo MarkLogic capapilities that help maintain security and how easy it is to only expose Personally Identifiable Information to only the ones who need to see it.

Caio Milani is a Director, Product Management and Chris Atkinson is a Director, Solutions Architecture.

More information can be found at

How to Secure Personally Identifiable Information or PII

This short training video will help us identify which type of data is classified as PII and what we can do to protect it from Cyber Attacks