Railsr bolsters fraud prevention through Featurespace

Railsr bolsters fraud prevention through Featurespace

Embedded finance platform Railsr will bolster its financial crime and fraud prevention efforts through a partnership with Featurespace.

Lincoln Savings Bank – Fraud Detection

An over the top, ominous and foreboding animated :30 commercial that messages the benefits of Lincoln Savings Bank’s (LSB) fraud detection service. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.

Fintech Fraud Prevention: Tips & Best Practices from Leading Experts & Operators

Laura Spiekerman, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Alloy
Eli Polanco, Founder & CEO, Nivelo
Ohad Samet, Co-Founder & CEO, True Accord and Author of “Introduction to Online Payments Risk Management”
Shamir Karkal, Co-Founder & CEO, Sila

Learn the tools, patterns, techniques, and technologies employed by fintech by fintech experts to detect and reduce fraud.


Fintech Fraud Prevention 101: What are the most common fraud tactics and what best practices should companies have in place in their organization?

Anti-Fraud Metrics: What are the KPIs and benchmarks for implementing a robust anti-fraud program for a Fintech Startup Vs. Fintech at Scale.

Humans Vs. Bots: What roles are required to support a technology-led anti-fraud program.

User Experience: How do you tune User Experience with Anti-Fraud requirements to maximize registration and usability.

#Samaaluvey – Fraud Prevention

Bank of Maldives will never ask for your card details. https://www.bankofmaldives.com.mv/fraud-prevention

How it works: Visa’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) for payment authorization and fraud detection

Merchants want to make a sale. Consumers want a fast checkout experience without false declines. Financial institutions want to mitigate fraud. The A.I. technology powering Visa Advanced Authorization can help. Learn more: https://vi.sa/3imj3ke