Sentinels widens leadership team with CPO appointment

Sentinels widens leadership team with CPO appointment

RegTech firm Sentinels has expanded its leadership team with the appointment of Christian Roberts to the role of chief product officer.

Sentinel Police Assoc. calls discrimination lawsuit filed by white officers “outrageous”

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – The organization of black Cincinnati police officers says allegations of discrimination against white officers on the force are absolutely false.

A lawsuit filed by two white officers says a double standard favors black officers in general and one officer in particular.

For the past 15 years, due to the collaborative agreement, the Cincinnati Police Department has been seen as a national model for police-community relations, but lately, police-community relations have been troubled.

“I have represented the Sentinels since 1984 and this is the most outrageous lawsuit the Sentinels have seen,” said Al Gerhardstein, the attorney for the Sentinel Police Association.

The suit was filed by two white, female officers, Tamera Brown and Joy Ludgatis, against the city, the Sentinels, and Lt. Danita Pettis.

The suit claims an unconstitutional race-based double standard which favors African-Americans and/or black people in hiring, promotion, and assignments, which has created racial tension in the police force.

The two white officers say Lt. Pettis is vindictive and openly racist and has created a hostile work environment.

The Sentinels and other civil rights groups say that the claim is absolutely not true.

“What’s appalling to me is, that in its 160-year history, Lt. Pettis is only the third African-American female lieutenant. That’s in its entire history. Yet there are some who want to question whether there are advantages which are unfair,” said Joe Mallory of the Cincinnati NAACP.

There have been racially-tinged issues the past three years including the firing of Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, the forced retirement of Assistant Chief Dave Bailey, the sex discrimination complaint from Bridget Bardua, the Bardua overtime controversy, and ongoing disputes between the Sentinels and the Fraternal Order of Police. And now this.

“When has a lawsuit shown a positive image in any area? Lawsuits are usually based on something negative. Yes, I would say this is a negative mark for the Cincinnati Police Department, the lawsuit, but it does not mean it can’t end in a positive manner. Very true. And that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Louis Arnold, president of the Sentinel Police Association.

Lt. Pettis was at the Sentinels’ news conference, but did not comment because she is a defendant in the lawsuit.

Local 12 made a call in to the attorney for the two officers who filed that suit, but have not heard back.

FOP President Dan Hils tells Local 12 News he won’t comment on Tuesday, because he wants to respect the memory and family of Officer Sonny Kim, who was murdered three years ago to the day.

277: A CPO’s First 100 Days – Achieving Quick Wins through In-Year Savings w/ Sushank Agarwal

Listen to the full episode here:

You have just been appointed to a new CPO position. Your executive leadership team is looking at you to make an immediate impact while setting up procurement as a driver of sustainable, long term value. You know that your first 100 days in the role may make or break your career. What do you do? Where do you start? 

In this special 5-part series, made possible through a partnership with Efficio, we will provide you with the roadmap you need to hit the ground running. 

In the third episode of the series, I spoke with Sushank Agarwal, a Principal at Efficio, about the tactics that help maintain the delicate balance between delivering quick savings and preserving long term relationships with stakeholders and suppliers. 

In addition, Sushank and I discussed:

Whether quick-win savings require you to start off with an unhappy supply base
The value that procurement teams already have within their reach but often overlook
The common pitfalls experienced by procurement teams in pursuit of quick-win savings
The critical role the executive leadership team has to play in building stakeholder support

Louisville’s mayor-elect reveals senior leadership team

Mayor-elect Craig Greenberg said the new interim police chief will report directly to him. As for the other positions, he took a page out of a previous mayor’s book.

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Norwest Webinar: The Path from CPO to CEO

In this virtual event, Norwest Partner Parker Barille leads a lively conversation and Q &A current and former product leaders who’ve tackled the “What’s next?” question in their careers. As the scope of the Chief Product Officer role expands, many product leaders are looking to break new ground and found their own companies. Maybe have also chosen the path of CEO (like Sanish) or even VC (like Parker).

Specifically, the event focuses on the following:

0:00: Introduction from Parker Barille
4:56 – What inspired Elliot Shmukler to found Anomalo?
9:28 – What’s the founding myth behind Legion?
14:28 – What inspired Donna Boyer to join Teladoc?
17:40 – What prepared you as a product leader to take on a CEO role?
25:44 – What’s been the best part of being a founder/CEO?
30:30 – What coaching or mentorship should CPOs seek out?
32:32 – How did you go about early-stage funding?
39:35 – How do you position yourself to be able to fundraise as a founder?
41:05 – A day in the life of CPO turned CEO
50:52 – Audience questions
55:31 – Advice for product leaders looking to make career jumps

// About the Speakers:

Parker Barrile is a product builder and Silicon Valley veteran, who applies his passion for marketplaces, mobile, and UX as a partner on Norwest’s Internet & Consumer team. Most recently, Parker was chief product officer at Prosper. Previously, Parker was VP of Product at LinkedIn, and was founder and CEO of Predictify.

Donna Boyer leads product management and design for Teladoc Health, responsible for the delivery of market-leading healthcare technology and best-in-class consumer experiences. Donna’s transition to healthcare comes after 25 years of experience leading product innovation in high-growth companies in emerging industries. Prior to Teladoc Health, she led Product at Stitch Fix, was responsible for the hosting platform at Airbnb, and led personalization platforms globally at Yahoo.

Elliot Shmukler is Co-founder and CEO of Anomalo. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Elliot’s been leading a small but growing team since Anomalo being founded in 2018. He’s had previous roles as a Product and Growth leader at tech companies like Instacart, LinkedIn, and Wealthfront.

Sanish Mondkar is the Founder & CEO at Legion Technologies. Sanish has over 15 years of experience in technology and product management. Prior to founding Legion Technologies, they were the Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer at SAP, responsible for overall vision, innovation strategy & product delivery for all products in the Line of Business – Procurement & Business Network area.

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Norwest is a venture capital and growth equity investment firm managing more than $12.5 billion in capital. We offer entrepreneurs a broad range of services to help them build their businesses at every stage of growth. One size does not fit all when it comes to today’s operational challenges. Our seasoned team can assist you with as-needed, customizable services to help you tackle what’s next. Think of us as an à la carte menu of services. All of what you need and none of what you don’t.

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